Jonny Miller

Adapted from the August 25, 2018 Boston Globe, by Dan Shaughnessy…    If you follow the Red Sox, you’ve heard the voice of the man who’s always asking the tough questions. The man’s name is Jonny Miller, and he is a Boston sports media institution, a Red Sox historian, a philanthropist, soon to be a septuagenarian, and probably the hardest-working guy in our business.  Jonny was born with cerebral palsy … grew up in Newton, went to his first Red Sox opener in 1958, graduated from Boston University in 1972, and immediately went to work for WBZ radio, asking questions and gathering sound for the station. … “I’m not afraid to ask tough questions,’’ he says. “He never shies away from anything,’’ says Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersley “As a player, you know that’s the toughest question you’re going to get, and it’s always the first one.’’…  Jonny also covered the Celtics (home and away) in the old days. … A medical marvel, he never gains weight even though he seems to exist on a diet of Cokes, cookies, doughnuts, turkey subs, pizza rolls, and ice cream. He was a recreational jogger until back surgery slowed him in 2005. It’s painful for him to stand for long periods but he never complains and rarely takes a seat in the Sox clubhouse … Before and after games at Fenway, Jonny gets to ask the first question. He is Helen Thomas with a white polo instead of a red dress.