stanley forman mass broadcasters hall of fame inductee

Stanley Forman

Stanley Forman has been a photojournalist for WCVB-TV’s NewsCenter 5 since 1983.  As a still photographer for the predecessor newspapers of the Boston Herald, he won two consecutive Pulitzer Prizes for “Spot News Photography.” In 1976, he was honored individually with a Pulitzer for his sequence of photographs showing a young woman and a two-year-old girl falling from a collapsed balcony during a fire. The next year, he won for The Soiling of Old Glory, an African-American being assaulted by a white man wielding a flagpole as a weapon during the height of anti-busing unrest in Boston. He shared in the winning of a third Pulitzer Prize with the photography staff members of the newspaper for their photo-coverage of the Blizzard of ’78.