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The Massachusetts Broadcasters Hall of Fame, by unanimous vote of its Board of Directors, commends the Boston-area broadcast community—television and radio alike—for its in-depth coverage on March 26, 2014, and in the days that followed, of the tragic nine-alarm fire in Boston’s Back Bay that took the life of two heroic members of the Boston Fire Department, Lt. Ed Walsh and Firefighter Mike Kennedy. At times like this, as with the Boston Marathon bombings last year, we are reminded that local broadcasters serve a vital function in bringing our community together in a unique manner and help remind us of the day-to-day decency, humanity, and, indeed, courage exhibited by our first responders. The Massachusetts Broadcasters Hall of Fame is proud, in the name of all broadcasters in the Commonwealth, to make a donation to the Lieutenant Walsh - Firefighter Kennedy Memorial Fund that has been created at the Boston Firefighters Credit Union.

Dick Flavin Welcomes Opening Day

The long barren winter casts a dark pall
Till one day an umpire hollers, “Play ball!”
Then skies start to brighten, blue displaces gray.
Baseball springs eternal. It’s Opening Day.
The birds begin singing. The trees start to bloom.
The umpire’s dusting home plate with his broom.
No one’s thrown a pitch yet, or failed to reach base,
But everyone’s team’s in a tie for first place.
They’re all undefeated. They all have a chance.
We all dream of doing a World Series dance.
The setbacks will surface, the losses, the gloom.
Each team except one is destined for doom.
But our guys might win it, so let’s start to play.
And that is the magic of Opening Day.

Dick Flavin


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The MBHOF celebrates the past, present, and future of broadcasting in the Bay State.

The sights and sounds of the electronic media are constantly changing. Only with the perspective of time can the gradual progress from Marconi’s 1903 transatlantic transmissions from Cape Cod, to broadcasting in Massachusetts today, be perceived.

The Hall recognizes innovators and milestones in the state’s media, while preserving important radio and television broadcasts from the past so today’s media people can learn from them.

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