MBHOF Induction Honors Eight

The 8th Annual Massachusetts Broadcasters Hall of Fame Induction took place Sept. 12. The 2014 inductees included:

Mike Addams
Richie Balsbaugh
Leo Beranek
Dr. Murray Feingold
John Garabedian
Dave O’Gara
Hank Phillippi Ryan
Bruce Schwoegler
Julia Child
Lovell Dyett
David Ives
Dave MacNeill

Celebrity presenters were:

Harry ‘Bud’ Nelson
Matt Siegel
Natalie Jacobson
Dan Rea
Gary Lapierre
David O’Leary
Anne Sweeney
Laura Carlo
Mark Veau
Robin Young
Bob Lobel



The MBHOF celebrates the past, present, and future of broadcasting in the Bay State.

The sights and sounds of the electronic media are constantly changing. Only with the perspective of time can the gradual progress from Marconi’s 1903 transatlantic transmissions from Cape Cod, to broadcasting in Massachusetts today, be perceived.

The Hall recognizes innovators and milestones in the state’s media, while preserving important radio and television broadcasts from the past so today’s media people can learn from them.

Don Kelley,

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Next induction:
Friday, Sept. 25, 2015