Hall of Fame: 2008

Shelby Scott

WBZ-TV's first woman anchor, Shelby Scott distinguished herself as a dedicated, tough and resourceful news reporter over a memorable 30-year career.


Shelby Scott never expected to be known for her storm coverage, but Boston television fans will never forget how every time there was a snowstorm, she was sent outside to measure the total snowfall. 

She first came to WBZ in 1965, after first working in radio in Seattle. Among her first news stories was covering the great “Northeast Blackout.” She was teamed with Jack Chase on the news at noon, and then, in 1976, Shelby began co-anchoring the 5.30 pm newscast with Gail Harris; they were possibly the only all-female anchor team anywhere.

In the mid-80s, Shelby went back to reporting, and ultimately was elected the president of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, where she served four terms. Even after she was no longer president of AFTRA, she continued to serve as vice president.