Hall of Fame: 2008

Norm Prescott

In the late '40s and '50s, Norm Prescott’s daily Boston disc jockey show was the place to hear the latest releases and behind-the-scenes interviews, and participate in the excitement of making hit records.


In the 1950s, when top-40 was new, Norm Prescott was there, winning over the teen listeners. A popular disc jockey on the old WORL and then as one of the “Live Five” on WBZ, he was a personality disc jockey who interviewed the stars of the day and did plenty of station promotions.  But Norm could do much more than play the hits. 

He founded the Norm Prescott School of Radio and Television, and he started a record store. He won awards as one of the nation's top disc jockeys. In the late 50s, he entered into the movie business, and then made a name for himself as the chairman and co-founder of Filmation, a company that produced a number of successful cartoons for television.

But even though he didn't stay in radio, it’s hard to forget such an exciting era, with so many disc jockeys competing for the biggest share of teens!