Hall of Fame: 2008

Larry Glick

Renowned overnight-radio host, storyteller, hypnotist and leader of the “Glickniks,” Larry Glick made overnights fun.


If you had insomnia, or if you liked to stay up late, Larry Glick made the overnights fun. He came from WMEX to WBZ in 1967, and for the next two decades, he entertained with his quick wit, his storytelling, his cast of characters like “Charlie the Cab Driver” and the “Champagne Lady,” and, above all, his friendly conversations with callers (of course, if they said “Is this Larry?” he'd respond “Let me check”).

He also performed in night clubs, was a skilled hypnotist, and helped many people quit smoking.  If you loved his show, you were a “Glicknik,” and maybe the Commander gave you that maroon t-shirt from Glick University.