Maxanne Sartori

Maxanne Sartori was hired for the afternoon shift as a WBCN Radio deejay on Friday the 13th of November, 1970, and by the time she left the station, on April Fool’s Day 1977, she had become what the Music Museum of New England called, “WBCN’s most powerful and distinctive personality.” Maxanne championed Boston artists like The J. Geils Band, The Cars and Billy Squier, and Aerosmith. The Museum’s dedication to her continues, “Maxanne will always be remembered for her association with a young Bruce Springsteen, who dropped in on the afternoon show with a truncated version of the E Street Band for a pair of famously bootlegged and beloved unplugged performances in January ’73 and April ’74. Indeed, the unique and hilarious performance of ‘Rosalita’ from the latter visit is easily one of the most memorable nine-minutes in WBCN’s entire history.”